„Astoria” Hotel in Las Palmas

Comfort Close to The Beach and Attractive Single Rooms

The “Astoria” hotel is especially suitable for people who like the cheap price and comfort of a clean hotel room but who do not need to stay directly at the beach during their vacation. Especially for single rooms and double rooms the hotel can often offer astonishing low prices if guests book rooms through a travel agency.

The „Astoria“ hotel belongs to the Bulls Hotels chain whose most well known hotel is the „Reina Isabel“ in Las Palmas. So guests can rest assured that the “Astoria” hotel is led in a good and professional manner and truly deserves its status as one of the most popular hotels in Las Palmas. Prices like 20 Euro per night for a single room and 18 Euro per person per night for a double room are truly amazing.

The only smaller, but not severe “downer” is the location of the hotel. The “Astoria” hotel is located only three cross streets away from Canteras beach and is situated at the Calle Guanartème, which experiences heavy traffic during the day because it forms the connection between the Santa Catalina park and the Auditorio at the Southern end of Canteras beach. This is the reason why guests do not have a direct view of the beach but if guests prefer sightseeing, shopping and experiencing the night life of Las Palmas the location is perfect.

Furnishing of The Rooms and Accommodations of The „Astoria” Hotel

Description of The Single Rooms, Double Rooms and The Hotel Accommodations:

Especially the single rooms of the hotel are rather small, but are of higher value and tastefully furnished. Solid built-in furniture in warm colours, higher value beds and a perfectly clean bath allow a comfortable and relaxing stay. The TV with satellite reception is mounted on the wall and therefore does not take up any space but can be turned in all directions so that guests can watch television from every angle.

The double rooms are recognizably bigger than the single rooms, are furnished with big and higher value beds and have spacious built-in closets. In these rooms the bathroom is exemplary as well and also consists of new furnishing.The „Astoria” hotel is surrounded by a street from every side, but the windows are sound-proofed and one does not get disturbed by noise during the night. The orientation of the rooms to the front or the back of the hotel does not matter because there are no advantages (view) or disadvantages (noise) that result from the room choice.The hotel has also various things to offer for guests who choose to stay in for the day. Besides the lounge room in the entrance area of the hotel, the roof floor with the deck, pool and lounge chairs is the perfect place to hang out and relax. At the roof bar guests can eat snacks and enjoy drinks for inexpensive prices. A computer with internet access, TV room and a well equipped fitness center complete the attractive entertainment options at the hotel.

Equipment and Accommodations of The „Astoria“ Hotel:

  • roof deck with swimming pool and lounge chairs'
  • spacious fitness center on the roof deck (free for guests)
  • computer with internet access
  • TV room
  • Sauna and Jacuzzi
  • 2 squash places
  • table tennis
  • billiard
  • conference room for up to 45 people

Price List of the „Astoria” Hotel in Las Palmas:

Next to the individual booking directly at the hotel tourists should also check out the offers of travel agencies. Depending on the season one can book a room for an inexpensive price which is well below the official price of the hotel. Offers can start out as low as 20 Euro per person for a single room – this is an attractive offer especially for people who travel alone.

single room:
58 Euro / day

double room with two persons: 65 Euro / day comprehensive breakfast buffet (cold and warm): 6 Euro per day per person dinner (buffet): 8 Euro per day per person

Individual reservations: hotel-pujol@laspalmas24.com