Vegueta Las Palmas oldtown

visit Triana and Vegueta places in our Las Palmas city tour

Vegueta, Las Palmas oldtown offers variety and a unique location, it is well-preserved and thus one of the most beautiful towns in Spain. Located in the south of the urban area it is today one of the town’s economic, social and tourist centers. The Las Palmas Oldtown is divided in two quarters, named Vegueta (the older part) and Triana, the area arround Calle Mayor de Triana, until today one of the nicest and most exclusive shopping boulevards. The most famous Las Palmas monuments, architectural attractions and sightseeing places will be found in the Vegueta and Triana "Barrio" of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Must have seen places are for example the Cathedral Santa Ana, Cairasco Place and not to forget Casa Colon (Columbus Museum).

Location Sights in Downtown Las Palmas

Economy is boosted mainly in Calle Mayor de Triana (main road of Triana), which has been turned into a large pedestrian area. Numerous national and international shops have found their Canary home here.

In the remarkable and historic places of downtown Las Palmas (Parque San Telmo, Plaza del Espiritu Santo, Plazoleta de Cairasco, etc.) a great part of Las Palmas social life has been taking place for several centuries. Here, the aged, with their wrinkled and tanned faces, relax while calmly smoking cigars and watching the bustling young. Nearby high-spirited young boys chase around some pigeons and in some quiet and cozy corners amorous couples timidly cares each other. These Las Palmas historic places seem not to have changed at all over the centuries, save the people’s faces and their way of dressing.

Places of interest are countless and spread over the entire city. has collected in detail and very informatively all sights on an interactive map. This way you are able to find at first glance what interests you and how you can find it in the narrow streets of the city. Moreover, our team has translated hundreds of pages from history and architecture books about the city from Spanish into English. Thus, you can find valuable and detailed information here that you can’t find in any other English translation.

Las Palmas Webcams and picture galleries invite you to a virtual tour through the sunny streets of Triana and Vegueta and try to bring at least some of the fascination this place radiates in your home.

Suggestions for sightseeing walks, culinary recommendations and further insider knowledge will definitely prepare you for joyful days when you inhale the salty ocean breeze, which streams from the Atlantic into the streets of Triana and Vegueta, together with pleasant memories.