The most popular restaurants of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Choose from a wide range of international cuisine

At the top of the “must experience”-list is, or course, the local Canarian cuisine. Canarian cuisine might not be as complex and various as other regional European cuisine, but the ingredients are mostly very fresh, hearty and tastefully prepared. Meat and fish are mostly prepared “a la plancha” (baked on a bakingsheet) or “frito” (fried). Hearty soups and stews like “Rancho canario” are common as well. However, instead of explaining the whole Canarian cuisine, we prefer to recommend which dishes are good at which restaurants!

Tip of the month: Los Hermanos Herrenos

The "Los Hermanos Herrenos" is a well-known, rustical Old Town restaurant, where good rural food is served to reasonable prices. Special to this restaurant is among other reasons, its rustical ambience with its wooden stove, and the “Sweinehaxen” (grilled pork, called pata asada) attracts many visitors as well. Recommandable are also the “Sopa de Mariscos” (seafood soup), rabbit or hare (also baked on the wooden stove) or the typical local stew. Since this restaurant is recommended in different travel guides, the prices are a little above average.

  • Menus: good range of cheap course menus (two courses, dessert, drink), 7 Euros and up
  • A la carte: main courses between 6 and 15 Euros

  • Location: “Los Hermanos Herrenos” is in the “Vegueta,” only 50 Meters from “Mercado de la Vegueta” (Old Town Market), in the Calle Mendizabal.”