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Gran Canaria temperatures and climate: what means the "Calima" or "panza de burro", why the south of Gran Canaria can promise 300 days of sunshine in Maspalomas and which other climate "specialities" are worth a view. Gran Canarias climate – a short overview.

Temperature table of Gran Canaria Climate, monthly
monthly temperatures at night C° at noon C°
Weather & climata Data provided by AEMET midnight noon°C
January Ø Temperatures: 14,7 °C 20,6 °C
February Ø Temperatures: 14,9°C 21,0 °C
March Ø Temperatures: 15,4 °C 21,8 °C
April Ø Temperature: 15,7 °C 22,1 °C
May Ø Temperature 17,0 °C 23,1 °C
Juny Ø Temperature 18,7 °C 24,7 °C
July Ø Temperature 20,4 °C 26,5 °C
August Ø Temperature 21,2 °C 27,1 °C
September Ø Temperature 21,4 °C 27,0 °C
October Ø Temperature 19,7°C 25,8 °C
November Ø Temperature 17,9 °C 23,8 °C
December Ø Temperature 15,7 °C 21,8 °C

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Picture on the top: Nasa Satellite photo Calima Weather Gran Canaria": NASA

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