Crossbikes for city, Highway and easy terrain

Bike rental Merida Crossway 40 and Crossway 300

Merida Crossway Fahrradverleih Las Palmas

Ideally for tours in the city, on highways and lanes: our Merida Crossway 40 and Crossway 300 are smooth-running and particularly safe and comfortable equipped. Do not be satisfied with less: light, stabil aluminium frame, all round wheels with less rolling resistance comfortable saddle and shock absorber at the front. Disc brakes front and rear, for enough safety mountain descents.

Rental prices per day Bike Station Las Palmas

Merida Crossway bike rental in Gran Canaria

easygoing Tour- and urban bicycles (hybrid bikes) with seat suspension, fork suspension, V- or D=disc brakes
Bicycle 1/2 day = 6h  1 day  3 – 4 d  5 – 6 d  7 – 13 d
Merida Crossway 10 V   6 € 9 € 8 € 7 € 6 €
Merida Crossway 20 D 7 € 11 € 9 € 8 € 7 €
Merida Crossway 100 D  8 € 12 € 10 € 9 € 8 €
Merida Crossway 300 D 9 € 13 € 11 € 10 € 9 €
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  • very favorable: Merida Bikes new, demonstration models

The Las Palmas Bike Station in an official Merida disrtibutor in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. You can buy all Merida bikes new or as demostration model. Enjoy the favorable prices and the low VTA on Gran Canaria. Aks for you required model per mail:

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Merida Crossway Bikes for rent in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

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